Warranty / Disclaimer

Bioshot BB Warranty/Disclaimer


There are no warranties available for Bioshot brand bbs. We do all of our own quality control in house on all Bioshot bbs before any orders are filled. We take great pride in knowing that bbs being shipped have been inspected for size, weight and defect.  We believe in doing this to make sure we are offering our customers the best product possible. 

Disclaimer: BioShot inspects all of our product before shipping. We do not guarantee that 100% of all BioShot bbs contain no defects. It is possible for a bb that is split, cracked or having some other defect to slip through our inspection process.  It is always a good idea to double check your bbs to prevent any defectives to enter your gun. BioShot nor any of its affiliates are responsible  for knowing if our brand of bb will work with your specific configuration. Including but not limited to modified hop up units, tight bore barrels, high speed motors, modified magazines, internal parts etc.  BioShot nor any of its affiliates including any dealer or retailer of BioShot brand bb will be held responsible for any damage to a gun using BioShot bbs.  Nor will they be held responsible for any damage to persons, property or nature being shot with BioShot brand bbs.