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Bioshot BB About Us


First off we would like to thank you for visiting BioShot.  We are pleased to find more Airsoft players every day doing their part to help keep the areas we play at clean and bb free. 

BioShot is a company dedicated to providing Airsofters with the highest precision biodegradable bb we can. They compete with typical plastic bbs in size, precision, weight and polish.  Even better, we offer them at a price that is pretty close to what you may be paying for normal plastic bbs.  So really there is no excuse not to use BioShot biodegradable bbs.  We believe that by offering such a product we can get all Airsoft players switched over to biodegradable.

Every bag of BioShot bbs is packaged and hand checked here in the USA to ensure accurate size and weight.  We also check the bb's polish and roundness so that only "perfect" bbs are packaged and sold. Why do we do this?  Because other companies do not.  We stand behind our product and will do everything we can to supply our customers the best product possible.

With the sport of Airsoft growing as fast as it is, it won't be long until Airsoft bbs will be found behind every bush, rock and tree.  With your help we can fix this problem before it gets out of hand.  Granted, biodegradable bbs do take time to break down but at least they do.  Our tests have shown them to break down between in as quick as 60 days with ideal controlled conditions and up to a few years in very poor conditions. Different conditions will have a different result on the time it takes for the bbs to fully break down. Compared to typical plastic bbs that will be there forever.

All Airsofters should do their part to help keep this awesome earth of ours free of debris.  We don’t care if you purchase BioShot bbs from our online store or through your local Airsoft store.  As long as biodegradable bbs are being used, we're happy.

So remember...play safe, have fun and "Leave Nothing Behind!"