Bioshot BB FAQ


Do you have a question about BioShot? Well it may already be answered for you. Please look through our FAQ's to see if your question is there. If you still have questions or comments please don't hesitate to shoot us an email.


1. Where can I purchase BioShot bbs?

You can purchase BioShot biodegradable airsoft bbs from Amazon, our online store or at your local airsoft store. If your local store does not carry BioShot bbs have them contact us to set up an account. If you can get your local store to start selling BioShot bbs, we will send you all kinds of FREE stuff including a bag of bbs.


2. What sizes and weights does BioShot carry?

In 6mm we carry .20g, .23g, .25g, .28g, .30g, .32g. And our Heavies include .36g, .40g, .43g. and .45g.  In 8mm we carry .34g and .45g.  We also carry green tracers is .20g, .25g, .28g, .30g and .32g.


3. Does BioShot sell guns or airsoft parts?

No, we only supply competition grade biodegradable airsoft bbs.


4. What is the actual size of BioShot bbs?

The actual size of a 6mm bb is 5.95 (+-.01mm) and an 8mm is 7.95 (+-.05mm).


5. Do you offer any discounts?

The way to save money is to buy in bulk. Case prices are discounted to give you a much better deal. 

However, we do offer periodic discounts on our social media accounts.  @bioshotbb


6. Do you ship to other countries?

Yes, we can ship anywhere you are. If for some reason you are unable to purchase from your country, please contact us and we may just have to send them to you manually.


7. Are your bbs toxic?

NO! Our biodegradable bbs are NON toxic and NON caustic. We do not recommend putting them into your mouth as they can be a choke hazard.


8. How long does it take to break down?

This all depends on the weather and soil conditions. Tests have shown them to break down in as quick as 90 days with ideal conditions and a few years in very poor conditions. Different conditions will have a different result on the time it takes for the bbs to fully break down.


9. What colors are BioShot bbs?

Bioshot BBs are white. However, we now offer a .36g and .40g in black.


10. How do I use PayPal to pay for my order?

At checkout you will have the option to select Paypal as your payment type. If you have never used Paypal before please visit www.paypal.com for more information. Our PayPal account is sales@bioshotbb.com


11. What payment methods do you use?

We accept just about everything these days. Visa, MasterCard, AMEX, Discover, PayPal, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and a few others.


12. What does "Quality control is USA" mean?

This means that we do all of our inspections and quality control here in the US at our warehouse. We do not depend on a 3rd party. We test size and weight to ensure our customers are getting the best product possible.


13. Do you have a store I can come to?

No. We do not have a store front. We are a warehouse only.


14. I want to use BioShot bbs but don't want to buy online. Where can I get them if you don't have a store?

If you choose not to purchase online you can search our many dealers to locate one near you.  Click HERE to locate a dealer near you.


15. How do I get my store set up to sell BioShot bbs?

Please email us directly at info@bioshotbb.com about any dealer inquiries. We'll send you out a dealer application.


16. What is the shelf life on your bbs?

That all depends on how they are stored. We have found bags of bbs lost behind shelves that were over 3 years old which performed just as well as brand new bags. Keep them out of the sun and away from moisture and they should last as long.


17. What is the shipping cost to my country?

That all depends on where you are located. You can view all of your shipping options at checkout before you commit to making a purchase.


18. Do you offer any kind of sample packs?

Yes! We offer sample bags of bbs at no charge. We just ask that you pay the $10.00 shipping cost. (US only) Each sample bag comes with about 250 rounds and you can test up to 3 different weights.


19. What is an air bubble and do BioShot bbs have them?

On poor quality or entry level airsoft bbs there is a small air bubble that forms in the center during the molding process.  The air bubble will cause the bb to fly sporadically.  BioShot uses a special proprietary method of molding which eliminated the air bubble.  The result is that BioShot bbs will fly straight and true almost 100% of the time. 


20.  How come your tracer bbs are dim and not super bright?

All tracer bbs need an LED charger of some kind.  If you do not use one the bbs will be dim because the bbs can only use the ambient light available.  When you see the super bright tracers that look like a "laser" its because they are using an LED charger.  They usually attach onto the front of your gun and look like a silencer.  Some other versions charge up the bbs in your magazine.